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Lego 10210 • MIB/MISB

Lego 10210

Condition: MIB/MISB (Mint in Box/Mint in Sealed Box)
Completeness: all pieces, with box, with instructions, with minifigures
Damaged: no
Year: 2010
Parts: 1656
Age from: 14
Info: Warning: Not suitable for children under three years.
The Lego Imperial Flagship (10210). New, sealed and never opened. In perfect collectors condition. The set was stored on a dry place. I am open for offers.
Flag ZAGizelle : How much is this boat
Flag NLThijs: Bought me ship last year 'n ne'er regretted it. 'tis th' eye-catcher in me showcase - especially at pirate movie nights. 'n should I ever needs doubloons urgently, I'll sell it even wit' profit! Arrr!
Flag DETors10: Mein Angebot wäre 250 euro
Flag USSimon: Pirates aheeeaaad :-)
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