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Lego 10030 • MIB/MISB

Lego 10030

Condition: MIB/MISB (Mint in Box/Mint in Sealed Box)
Damaged: no
Year: 2002
Parts: 3115
Info: Warning: Not suitable for children under three years.
UCS Star Wars Star Destroyer, MISB, still in outer delivery carton. Very rare collectors piece, over three thousand pieces and 3 feet long, once completed. Shipping is likely to be very expensive, as the box is very large and heavy. If you are seriously interested I can look into shipping for you. Kind regards, Simon
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Flag FIPekka Lehtonen: From this I conclude that you generally consider vintage cars too expensive. ;-) Because it >is< the old set that has not been produced since 2009, it is more expensive! Come on, this is a collector's website! :-)
Flag GBStephan: Sorry with the new bigger version out for £750 why would anyone buy yours for £1500
Flag GBSimon Colwell: The asking price is £1500
Flag GBSimon Colwell: Hi Alex, I am likewise a huge SW fan, and love Lego too. I would love to build it, but I just don't have the space at the moment. Another 5 years or so and kids leaving home.....ah well. Any way, prices on brick link vary wildly, with the only one for sale in UK/EU is one for just under £4000 (€4590) based in France. All the others are in the USA or similar and average about £1500, plus shipping, if they ship to the UK at all. So realistically within about 10-20% of that, what sort of price were you thinking of, or is it completely out of your depth? When you say you are local, where do you live?
Flag GBAlex: Don’t want to insult you but obviously you don’t want to build it 🤔🤪
Flag GBAlex Lucking: I don’t want to low ball you but I’m not really a collector I’m just a Star Wars nut and have a love for Lego... even now @ 40!! What would be the best price you would let it go to a good home where it will be built and displayed?
Flag GBSimon Colwell: I am open to offers, but don't appreciate low balling. I presume you are a collector and know how much these are worth?
Flag GBAlex Lucking: How much would you part with this for? I live local, can collect cash!
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