Lego 3368 - Rocket Launch Center

  • Set: Lego 3368
  • Theme: City
  • Year: 2011
  • Parts: 498
  • Price*: $73.36 - $106.17
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Space Center, Lego 3368, Avinash , City, KOLKATA
Flag IN Seller: Avinash
Includes 2 astronauts, an operator and a mechanic Monitor the launch from the control center and prepare the rocket for blast-off from the launch...
S/H: As actual, to be paid by the buyer. Will share original shipping receipt.
LEGO 3368 Space Center - 100% complete with instructions (no box), Lego 3368, Kirk, City, Melbourne
Flag AU Seller: Kirk
Space center. with instruction
S/H: message me on shipping, to be determined.